Thoughts On Soy

Soy isn’t for everyone. I think that for someone giving up dairy, soy is a great option but some people prefer to avoid it altogether. Read this for more info about the potential dangers of soy.

I went full circle with Soy. When I had dairy in my life, I thought soy milk tasted horrible but when I kicked dairy for good, soy was much easier to consume and I grew to love it. I explored other dairy free milks and struggled hugely with the gag factor! Oat milk and rice milk are good options for most milk applications like hot drinks, cereal, baking etc. Personally though, I can’t really stomach them! We occasionally make our own nut milk (recipe soon) which is great for smoothies and a few other things but doesn’t cover all bases in the same way that soy does. Also soy is a milk that my husband and I can agree on and because we don’t use much milk in our household, choosing soy reduces our waste (we used to have our own milks but there was too much wastage!).

Many of the recipes on this website use soy and if you have dairy in your life, then you can substitute dairy directly, no problem. However if you are dairy-free then please note that some of these recipes will recommend using soy for best results (Vegan White Sauce) for example, but others will allow you to choose the non-dairy milk that you prefer.

I am not an expert when it comes to dairy fee milks so if you want to share your experience or resources then please do! Basically the main reason that people like to avoid soy (milk in particular) if because it is acidifying and can cause hormonal disturbances. I don’t consume a large amount of soy milk so I am not at all worried about this, but if I was consuming large quantities then I would probably switch to rice or nut milk.

Another issue with soy is that much of it is genetically modified. Always choose organic soy to ensure you are not being exposed to GM food.

I’m not trying to staunchly defend soy but I do think that there’s alot of unnecessary scare-mongering out there about it especially when you consider meat and dairy for example are also acidifying and can cause hormonal disturbances. Moderation is key.

Apparently, fermented soy foods like tempeh and tamari have less dangers.

I eat tofu about once a week, I don’t go for processed mock meats at all. I can’t eat tempeh (because of the yeast-based flavourings that are added to it) but I would it I could. I use tamari on occasion and have about 3-4 hot drinks made with soy milk each week and the occasional cake. It’s not a whole lot really.

I’m not worried but I totally understand that some of you want to avoid it altogether. As far as our recipes are concerned, when we list soy as an ingredient, my all means try out an alternative, explore what’s possible and let us know!

Honey-Soy Tofu

I know that honey technically isn’t vegan (and neither am I) but alot of vegans tend to eat it. It pops up alot in my recipes but it’s so easy to substitute it with another sweetener so just choose the sugar that’s right for you. Rapadura and other granulated sugars can be used in this recipe, just add a touch of water to the pan.



This tofu can be served atop quinoa or rice, tossed through a salad or stir-fry or could even be a great little side dish. We mostly use it in stir-frys and salads. It is SO easy it’s ridiculous.






  • 1 Block of firm Tofu (organic please), chopped
  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey (or preferred sweetener)
  • 1 Tablespoon Tamari (or soy sauce)
  • Splash of oil


– Heat a non-stick frying pan on a high heat on a small hotplate (a high heat on a large hotplate will be too hot) and add the oil to the pan.

– Once the pan is hot add the tofu.

– Add the honey and tamari by drizzling over the tofu.

– Flip the tofu once desired crispiness is reached. Cook both sides evenly and take off the heat. Done!