Freeze Your Bananas!

Many recipes for smoothies and desserts call for frozen bananas. This is a new thing for me. Previously, I would only ever freeze a banana to suspend it in time before it got too ripe and therefore unusable. I would thaw them out and use the in baking or pancakes – I never thought to blend them!!

So, if you want to make killer smoothies, incredible vegan icecream and unbelievable mousse you NEED to freeze bananas. Here’s how to do it.

Allow your bananas to ripen fully or as much as possible before freezing. You want lots of brown spots. These guys are perfect.



Take the skins off and put them into a container that is suitable for the freezer. I break them into halves or cut them into pieces but you can also leave them whole too.



Where to use them? Smoothies, Ice-cream, Chocolate Mousse & Smoothie Bowls. More recipes for all of these things coming soon!!

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