Masterchef. What do you reckon?

I am NOT the reality TV type. I have never watched a home renovation/makeover show or gotten into the “got talent” type thing, BUT last year I sort of got stuck into Masterchef and this year it’s got me again!

It all started when I read a tweet about thermomixes being used on the show. I thought I would check out the particular episode that featured the thermo and I just got sucked in from there. And I definitely am a sucker.

At first I watched it just because of my curiosity around what can be achieved with food. I still judged it quite harshly, seeing it as an experiment about pushing people to their limits and seeing what they can do under extreme pressure then adding in some Big Brother-esque personality clashes for entertainment. I figured it was probably rigged by the 3 fat guys that ate all the food and as you might have guessed I had a few problems with the ingredients used on the show too.

BUT, the more I watched, the more I grew to appreciate what the show was offering viewers – a relationship with food. Let’s face it, the show uses ALOT of animal products, but there is complete transparency about the origins of the food and how it is processed, something which I appreciate in regard to all food but especially with animal products.

The show is not afraid to document how whole animals are divided into specific cuts and how the animals are raised and then processed. Some viewers (and even contestants) have struggled to watch this “graphic” food preparation and I think that’s a good thing. So many people mindlessly chow down on meat with very little concern or awareness for what it actually is. Awareness is a good thing, even if it’s difficult to swallow. It allows us to appreciate the journey that our food has been on to reach us, whether we choose to eat meat/dairy or not.

The other thing I think that masterchef offers its viewers is a passion for creating amazing food. Even though there’s alot of meat and dairy used in the show, there are also a stack of veggies, fruits, grains, legumes and herbs. Many of the accompaniments are vegan or could easily be converted. The plant-based components of each dish have been created with excitement and enthusiasm – AWESOME!

The other thing that I found exciting about last year’s competition is that the top pick contestants tipped to win got booted in the final rounds and the prize went to the underdog! Legendary! Maybe it isn’t rigged after all.

Even though I probably wouldn’t eat many of the dishes made on the show and I don’t necessarily agree with many of the ingredients, I am still curious about how it’s done. I am not disillusioned about animal products being a major part of a conventional diet and so I can accept it for what it is, even though I wouldn’t choose it for myself.

And I must say, I do get a kick out of seeing a bit of Thermomix fame! What about you? Are you into it?


One Thought on “Masterchef. What do you reckon?

  1. If we had a far better internet connection, I’d be watching Masterchef online. You got us onto it last year and despite my reservations about watching a show that seemed to condone the *intense* eating and judging that the 3 overweight guys do… it was still cool. I learnt how beautiful cooked baby vegetables can look when their stems are not entirely cut off! Poo, times like this I wish we could watch telly 😛

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