Why Wholefoods?

I’m talking about pure food… plants mostly. Nothing overly processed or unhealthy. Just food that’s pretty close to it’s natural state, without much interference. Animal products are not a huge feature here. All recipes are dairy free although eggs make a small appearance. Meat may be an optional extra for some recipes but is not something that we advocate for or write about. There are so many plant foods to be excited about anyway! Veggies, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts and legumes are all welcome here!!

Why Thermomix?

The Thermomix is an amazing kitchen appliance that makes wholefood living easy. Most recipes here are written in the Thermomix style. If you don’t have one you can probably follow the steps for most recipes in a food processor or blender easily enough and I have created non-thermomix alternatives for many recipes too.

Why Recipes?

Good question! To be honest, I’m not really the recipe type, apart from for baking. I tend to just throw things in and see what happens! The recipes on this site will reflect this. There are many recipes with loads of optional variations and I also encourage you to substitute ingredients for what you already have rather than buying extra stuff.

Why Adventures?

We are not claiming to be food gurus, we see ourselves moreso as experimenters who learn along the way. Our aim is to take you along on our adventures with us.

Why BadAss?

I’m a natural rebel, adventurer and ponderer. I like things to get messy, experimental and to discover the truth about health and my body through my interactions with food, real food. Even though there’s a bit of a “wholefoods” revolution happening right now, the word itself still brings up images of typewriter cookbooks from the seventies filled with boring food for people with diabetes – but seriously, it’s so much cooler than that!

Other Stuff

Our objective is to share and inspire. Our food is simple. ¬†Our photos are average and taken in a small messy kitchen just prior to consuming the food. We take photos of the food we make – we don’t make food to take nice photos.

We do use affiliate  links on this site. Clicking on these links incurs no additional cost to you, but keep the bills paid, thank-you!

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